Hotel entrance & car park with flags at Müggelseeperle Hotel

About the hotel

Historical about the house

It makes your heart happy to sit by the Müggel and - to the soft music of the forest and water around you - to dream away the hours. The sun is sinking and the picture, which at first glance shows a certain monotony despite its peculiar beauty, gains more and more power over us and weaves us into the old Müggel magic. 

Nestled in the lap of the Müggelberge on the banks of Berlin's largest and most beautiful lake, the Müggelseeperle is far away from all the hustle and bustle and looks back on a long history. 

It all began in 1908, when Wilhelm Prinz opened the first excursion restaurant, the "Prince's Garden", with club rooms, a hall, bowling alley and a coffee kitchen on the Müggelsee. 

Extensions were made as early as 1913, such as a large wooden veranda, the enlargement of the shady garden with an old stock of trees and a large steamer landing stage with jetties for sailing and rowing boats. Now, in addition to the ongoing restaurant business without a day off, there were a wide variety of opportunities for a family stay. 

Exterior view of the hotel & lake at Müggelseeperle Hotel

Just a few to mention: 

  • Free concerts by various orchestra associations 
  • Early concerts at Easter and Pentecost 
  • Ice festivals in winter 

The "Prinzengarten" was family-owned until 1945 and after 1945 it first became an HO and later a consumer restaurant "Müggelseeperle". 

The restaurant business continued with all previous events, such as the spring concerts and company fun. In 1975, today's hotel was built as a workers' dormitory for the builders of the Palace of the Republic and in 1981 it was made available for public use as a hotel complex. 

These included a terrace, self-service restaurants, a Berlin restaurant, the hunting room and the hotel restaurant "Müggelstube". 

In 1997 the hotel complex was completely modernized. Until 1999, the entire complex belonged to the consumer cooperative.