A glass showcase with photographs at Müggelseeperle Hotel

45,000 m² of nature around our hotel


76 rooms and suites - all carefully furnished with high-quality materials 

Relaxation and recreation surrounded by nature


Feast to your heart's content in our restaurant, bar or beer garden - eat, drink and celebrate with a direct view of the Müggelsee 

Generous conference area with 12 different function rooms 


Berlin Cosmopolitan Nature Campus 

Celebrations and unforgettable events in a fascinating setting right on the lake 

Exterior of Berlin Cosmopolitan School, Müggelseeperle Hotel

Erfahrungen in der Natur sammeln

How it all began for us: We attach particular importance to activities that take place in nature. Our forest school has its cradle in our BCS program of extracurricular learning and has grown out of this curriculum since 2003. As a learning organization, we will continue to align this concept with current research and adapt it to changing needs together with teachers and students. 

We have been going into nature regularly since 2003, where we collect and teach through primary experiences in the community and through individual exercises. At every stage of development of students, pre-school and kindergarten children, we use nature close to us as a third educator to further develop social, emotional and physical skills. 

Our educators regularly spend time with children in nature and have developed our concept for several age groups. In 2017, based on more than 15 years of experience, we founded our own forest school on our own piece of forest and published the concept in our own book "Waldtage" 2022. 

In der Natur lernen

Our forest school and nature school are schools for every age group. This can be done in different ways, for example through outdoor classes, through gardening or through excursions into the near and distant nature. 

Our nature school is compatible with school and kindergarten because it is an opportunity to connect students: indoor, preschool and kindergarten children with nature. This allows children and young people to learn more about nature and understand it better. 

Learning in nature helps students: indoor, preschool and kindergarten children in various ways. On the one hand, they can understand and retain things better in nature because they learn with all their senses and because they also learn in a stress-free and pleasant environment. 

In addition, our students: indoor, preschool and kindergarten children build a positive and lasting relationship with the natural world through our nature school. They know, appreciate, employ and protect nature today and in the future. 

Staying in nature without many stimuli is good for them and so nature also has a positive effect on general well-being - the body, mind and soul. 

Landscape view of the lake at Müggelseeperle Hotel