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Leisure & Recreation

Dense mixed forest, the legendary Müggelberge mountains and lots of water determine the picture around the hotel. A deer or wild boar can unexpectedly cross your path while jogging in the morning. In order to be able to see these friendly, but sometimes very large animals from a distance, a one-hour Müggelsee tour is recommended. There is a touch of romance, especially in the evening hours, when the sun slowly disappears into the Müggelberge and dusk sets in when the fog rises over the lake... or is it the Müggelwitches who come to life as soon as the light is out? 

If you want to enjoy and experience the tranquility of the landscape in peace and quiet, a bike tour around Lake Müggelsee is a good idea. 

In the evening it makes sense to make a detour to our sauna area or rather to our bowling alley? 

Altstadttheater Köpenick

In the heart of the old town of Köpenick, directly at the old market, the visitor will find a "gem in the Berlin theater landscape".

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Per Rad Zum Müggelsee – Und Noch Ein Stück Weiter

Our house is in the middle of a nature and water protection area, you can explore the beneficial nature by bike - which you can also rent from us if you wish.

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Der Hauptmann von Köpenick

Friedrich Wilhelm Voigt was born in East Prussia in 1849 and worked as a shoemaker.

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Kunstgewerbemuseum im Schloss Köpenick

Köpenick Castle is located on the Castle Island opposite the city center of Köpenick. The castle island was settled by Slavic tribes as early as the 6th century and built on with a castle and stately circular rampart.

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Freizeit- und Erholungszentrum (FEZ) Berlin

In the leisure and recreation center Berlin - located in the Wuhlheide, children and adults will find a colorful place to play, learn and experience.

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Lehrkabinett Teufelssee

Since 1972, the teaching cabinet has been embedded in the legendary landscape of the Müggelberge at Teufelssee. Already the Teufelssee, just a short walk from the Müggelsee, is worth a visit.

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In 1753, Friedrich II founded the colonist village of Friedrichshagen. Cotton spinners from Bohemia and Silesia lived there in their clay half-timbered houses.

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