Kunstgewerbemuseum im Schloss Köpenick

Köpenick Castle is located on the Castle Island opposite the city center of Köpenick. The castle island was settled by Slavic tribes as early as the 6th century and built on with a castle and stately circular rampart. In 1558, Elector Joachim II of Brandenburg commissioned the construction of a Renaissance-style hunting lodge. After the death of Joachim II, King Friedrich III. caused the castle to expand. At the request of his wife Elisabeth-Henriette von Hessen-Kassel, the associated castle church was built in 1682, which is located opposite on the castle island.

The showpiece of the house is the Coat of Arms Hall on the second floor.

The Kunstgewerbemuseum of the Berlin State Museums is located in the moated castle today. As a permanent exhibition, valuable pieces of interior art from the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo periods are shown on three floors. One of the highlights is the silver buffet from the Knights' Hall of the Berlin City Palace.

There are also changing exhibitions, events, guided tours and concerts, which can be viewed on the website of the National Museums in Berlin.

Schloßinsel Köpenick, 12557 Berlin, Germany 12557 Berlin Germany