Coworking Space at Müggelseeperle

At Müggelseeperle we combine the best of both worlds: a professional work environment and the calming presence of nature. We cordially invite you to experience this unique coworking space for yourself. Be inspired by the tranquility of the Müggelsee and the energy of a shared workplace.

Welcome to the Müggelseeperle, the coworking insider tip for everyone who is looking for inspiration in the untouched beauty of nature. Where else can you combine your work with a breathtaking view over the Müggelsee and the lush green surroundings?

With us you not only enjoy the view, but also benefit from the most modern infrastructure, which promotes productive work. Free WiFi allows you to seamlessly connect to the digital world while physically staying in this idyllic oasis.

For those who need absolute concentration, we offer soundproof phone boxes. These private workspaces ensure quiet and seclusion so you can focus on your projects without distractions.

But what would a working day be without the invigorating magic of coffee? Our coffe machine is always available for you so that you can treat yourself to a fresh cup at any time. A short conversation at the coffe machine can often open up new perspectives or give you the energy boost you need for the rest of the day.